Esoteric Meaning of Saturn

This blog is based on the esoteric meaning behind the planet Saturn.

 Saturn was the original Sothis, ie. Sirius.  Also Sut the egyptian god of Saturn.  Sut is the son of the draconic goddess known by the name Typhon.  The dragon of the deep, the dark goddess of before time, the womb of existence.  She rules the North, the mountain of Eden, the great bear in the constellation of Ursa Major and Minor.  Anyway Saturn’s meaning I am trying to convey here is based on tarot deciphering using numbers to find its meaning.  Its meaning is thus:

SATURN-  World-Magician-Fool-Lovers-Judgment-Temperance= 84=hierarchy of power. 8+4=12= Hanged man, is Mem, water.  The original flood or that of birth in the deluge.  So Saturn was the first to be created in this description


The beginning of the direction of the divine to create and awaken transformation

This means in english that Saturn or Sut was the first to be created.  Just as the number 84 portrays. 

This brings me to look at Sirius in the same format

SIRIUS=88=16=World-Wheel-Judgment-Lovers=Tower:  Chaos and non being equates to this, destruction and creation and renewal.  Also the tower means mouth, another version of the mouth of creation or its even more esoteric meaning the vulva,  the female reproductive organ that is the cause of the deluge, hence the destructive force that brings creation.  This brings me to the same point that Sirius/Saturn is the beginning of creation, the first born, the initial in the name of the universe and all that it contains. 

The two S’s one ahead of the word and at the end represent the Sun behind the Sun, since in astrology based on my way of decoding is represented by the Sun.  Sirius has always been known as the Sun behind the Sun.


The beginning of time awakening creation

That is the meaning these cards give to the Word Sirius.

I hope this particular blog gives insight to everyone that reads its contents.  Enjoy.

 Lyre of Light


2 Responses to “Esoteric Meaning of Saturn”

  1. Sam Says:

    VERY interesting!!! I wanted to find the esoteric meaning of the FOOL and found much more thanks to YOU!!!


  2. lyreoflight1 Says:

    Hi thanks glad you like it.


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